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Welcome to Nursery

The Nursery team are so happy to see all of the children return and venture into a new school year together and feel very proud of how well the children are settling in. The staff really value your support during this transition period and have enjoyed meeting and welcoming all of our new children, parents and carers.

Staff have been busy creating learning spaces inside and outside the nursery setting to encourage your children to develop greater independence and engagement, whilst organising themselves in their learning environments. The children engage in a wide variety of learning lead by their own interests, enabling them to build upon key skills in their communication and language, personal, social and emotional development and their physical skills.


Our topic changes each term, full details can be found in the "Curriculum Information" section at the bottom of this page.


The children are developing their counting skills through storytelling and songs and are linking this to ‘more’ and ‘less’. Please continue to help at home by encouraging your children to count out objects such as cutlery at dinner time or stairs, as they go up and down.

Letters and Sounds

The children are learning new and familiar letter sounds and words daily. Please continue to talk about the letters in their and other family members names at home, by encouraging them to hear the first letter sound of each name.


The children have shown great interest in stories and in handling books and this is such an amazing start at becoming a reader. Children will have the opportunity to select books daily, to enjoy at home and share with you.

The language of learning

The Nursery team encourage the children to succeed by acknowledging their effort and engagement. They use their vocabulary carefully to highlight to the children, that when they persevere with things that are tricky, they are learning and developing new skills. It is really important to encourage your children to have an ‘I can do it’ attitude which will enable them to develop a’ growth mind set’ for lifelong learning.

Fee Structure

Our Contact number is 01323 840062, option 2. Please note we are a term time only nursery. Session times Morning session 8.40am-11.40am Lunch Club 11.40am-12.30pm (not covered by funding) Afternoon Session 12.30pm-3.30pm Fees If your child is not eligible for funding, then Fees are payable. Currently our fee structure is as follows: £16.00 per three hour session £3 per Lunch Club session (for all children attending as this is not covered by funding) Your child will need to come to nursery with a healthy packed lunch. If you wish your child to have a hot school meal, this is an additional £2.10, payable on the day. You will be invoiced termly. Payment plans are available should you request one. Fees are payable by Cash or Cheque made payable to ESCC. Late payment of fees will incur a £25 charge on the following term’s invoice. If fees are paid persistently late or not at all with no explanation, we will be forced to terminate that child’s place and look into alternative ways to recover monies owed. Please note, that if your child misses a session for any reason then fees will still be payable. Funding We accept 2yr and 30 hrs funding in addition to the statutory funding for 3/4 yr olds. All families in England with 3 and 4-year-old children can claim 15 hours of free childcare a week over 38 weeks. All children who meet the eligibility criteria are able to take up the free entitlement in the funding period following their 2nd or 3rd birthday until they reach statutory school age (which is the funding period after their 5th birthday). Please see table below for when your child may receive their free entitlement (if age eligible) Children born between Funding will start from 1 April and 31 August September 1 September and 31 December January 1 January and 31 March April EYEE and EYLP Funding  We are registered with OFSTED to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and therefore can claim the Early Years Education Entitlement and the Early Years Learning Place entitlement from ESCC  The universal EYEE will pay for a maximum of 570 free hours per year from the term after your child’s third birthday, your child is automatically entitled to this offer and you will need to apply through Grovelands Acorns to access this. Please see table above for funding periods.  The extended 30 hours EYEE will pay for an additional 570 hours per year for eligible 3 and 4-year old’s, from the term after their third birthday, you will need to check eligibility and apply online and then provide us with a code to access this funding and then reconfirmed every 12 weeks. This funding will only last for as long as you are eligible.  The ELP is available for eligible 2-year old’s, from the term after their second birthday, you will need to check eligibility and apply online and then provide us with a code to access this funding.  Any hours in addition to the 570/1140 free hours are paid at normal rates.  All other nursery fees and placement policies and procedures still apply to children claiming their EYEE or EYLP Notice Periods  You are required to give four weeks’ notice in writing, if you wish your child to leave Grovelands Acorns. This notice will be charged in full even if your child doesn’t attend.  For children claiming either EYEE or ELP, six weeks’ notice in writing is required. A transfer of EYEE/ELP cannot be made if full notice is not given.  You are generally required to give four weeks’ notice in writing of any changes to your child’s permanent hours, although exceptions may apply.  Extended sessions and extra sessions can be booked at short notice, written notice is not required for these.

What to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Below is a link which provides a comprehensive overview of what to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage, including developmental stage/age statements, reflected within the seven areas of learning.  

Nursery Curriculum Information

Nursery - Curriculum Information - Term 1

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Staff Contacts

  • Executive Headteacher: Mr Jon Goulding
  • Head of School: Miss Kathleen Swaine
  • School Business Manager: Mrs Helen Fingerneissl
  • School Secretary: Miss Carol Williams
  • Chair of Governors: Mr Michael Nix
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mr Jon Goulding
  • Deputy DSLs: Miss K Swaine, Ms C Adams, Miss N Squires, Miss S Coates, Mr R Williams
  • Inclusion Leader: Ms C Adams