99 Club

Number Fluency

To support children to achieve these number fluency skills we use something called the 99 Club, which is a series of 'clubs' children work through to practise and secure key arithmetic skills as they move through the school. They start on the 11 Club and work through to the 99 Club and finally the Mind Boggler!

The 99 club

These activities will help to boost the attainment of all children in mental mathematics skills  give parents an opportunity to help their children’s learning in this area. 

99 club (Y3 and onwards)


This is a progressive mental maths challenge which can follow the children throughout the school.  It allows children to develop mental maths strategies at their own pace and level.  The children are competing to beat their own score.  Each club has more questions, covers new aspects of mental maths and has a different time limit.  To complete a club, the child has to complete every question correctly in the time limit.  

11 club                   2 minutes

22 club                   3 minute

33 club                   4 minutes

44 club                   5 minutes

55 club                   6 minutes

66 club                   7 minutes

77 club                   8 minutes

88 club                   9 minutes

99 club                   10 minutes

Mind Boggler         11 minutes


Click on the sheets below to see the skills the children need to practise to pass each club. 

99 Skills Information Sheets

The 11 Club

The 22 Club

The 33 Club

The 44 Club

The 55 Club

The 66 Club

The 77 Club

The 88 Club

The 99 Club

The Mind Boggler Club

Year 1 and 2 Gap analysis for KS1 fluency facts.

Multiplication and Division Fluency Structure

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