Starting School for the first time.

If your child was born between 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020 You must apply by 15th January 2024 for your child to start school in September 2024 Applications open 15th September 2023.
Visiting schools - most will have open days or virtual tours
Looking at school websites.
Reading the most up-to-date Ofsted reports and school performance data.
You should put up to three school preferences when you apply. It is important to put a second and third preference in case we cannot give you your first preference. If you don’t apply for any school place your child will not be allocated a school.
If a school has enough places, then everyone who applied will be given a place.
Criteria changes from school-to-school so you will need to understand the rules for the schools you prefer.
If there are not enough places for everyone the ‘admissions criteria’ will decide which children will be given the places. Grovelands admission criteria can be found on this website in statutory-information/policies.

Schools Criteria

The criteria for all schools can be found on the East Sussex website.
East Sussex County Council website has details of all schools available to your child including data relating to how places were allocated last year. There’s a searchable map for you to find out which school(s) serve your area, as well as links to league tables and Ofsted reports.


Please apply online at even if you’re applying for schools in another council area. Step-by-step instructions will guide you through your online application.

Applying online means:

your application is safe;
you can be sure your application has been received; and
a decision can be emailed to you.

If you prefer a paper form please email


Application Deadline

Apply online or call 0300 33 09 472 for a form 15th January 2024 (closing date)

Online applications – midnight 15th January 2024

Paper forms must be received by the Admissions Team by 15th January 2024

Please note: ensuring applications are returned on time is the responsibility of parents and carers



September 2023 - Apply online or call 0300 33 09 472 for a form 

17 April 2024 – Decision day - Decisions are sent by email on the offer day. If you do not have an email,  a decisison letter will be sent in the post.  Online applicants have the ability to view the decision online.

Deadlines for appeals relating to the September 2024 intake.

Primary appeals

Decisions released

       Tuesday 16 April

Deadline for submitting appeals

       Wednesday 15 May

Appeals to be heard

       Throughout June until Thursday 18 July.

September 2024 - Children start at their new school.

Need more information?

 If you need specific advice on applying for a school place email the Admissions Team who will be able to answer detailed enquiries on the admissions process. Email: 

You can find independent advice online by visiting Ace Education Advice

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  • Inclusion Leader: Mrs Naomi Jn. Charles